JCI Twinning vom 18.05.2023 bis 21.05.2023 (= 4 Tage)

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18.05.2023 - 21.05.2023 (= 4 Tage)
Teilnahmegebühr externer Teilnehmer: 170,00 Euro

We very much look forward to inviting you all to participate in this year’s International Multi Twinning in Heidelberg. We look forward to hosting you and to provide you with a spectacular and joyous program by showing you our region, our city, our sights, including company visits, fun activities, a beautiful gala dinner party and a “alien nation” theme party for the other evening.

For those of you, who have never had the chance to experience the great wonders of Twinning and for all others who need some appetizers, here is an overview:

  • Accommodation is as always with „home hospitality“. 
  • You will get to know our city & region by getting the chance to visit one of our top research institutes in the region, trying our delicious food, enjoying and exploring our beautiful surrounding region
  • We want to celebrate with YOU at a spectacular Gala - so make sure to bring your gala dresses, nice suits or tuxedos and definitely don’t forget your dancing shoes! J
  • And of course we will have a theme party. This year the theme will be “alien nation” so feel free to design some crazy extraterrestrial costumes J
  • And all the fun you get for just 180 Euros!!!

You can find more details in our programme brochure. Please stay also tuned on our facebook page for further postings and information! Not yet a member? Well, then it is about time! J Look us up on facebook and become part of the group:

IMT- JCI Bergsche Maas-Heidelberg-Liège-Montpellier-Odense-Viljandii

We can’t wait to see you and to experience a wonderful international 4-day program with you in the spirit of JCI! So, mark your calendar, and don’t miss this year’s Twinning!

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Yours, JCI Heidelberg