International Multi Twinning - Games Night & Crêpes Contest am 27.02.2021

Online Event
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Dear JCI Family,


JCI Montpellier warmly invites you to the second online Twinning Event 2021. 

As JCI Heidelberg did the virtual format will not stop us from having an entertaining and exiting evening. To guarantee a jolly event, we planned a diverse program, followed by a Crêpe Contest. ☺️


The program of our Twinning Crêpe Party will be as follows... 😃

27th of February 2021
start at 6.30 pm – Welcoming 

7pm – 7.30 pm : Speed dating in small group to allow everyone to know each other.
7.30pm – 8.30 pm : JCI CAH (Games)
from 8.30 pm – Crêpe Contest Party 


Following the first part of the program and a short break, The Crepe contest will take place behind each screen. For this, each JCI will have to send a list of ingredients to prepare their best pancakes. (a basic recipe of crêpes will be sent to you to prepare crêpe and then you will have to personalized it). 😋

We will send this list to all participants to have time to do their shopping. The first prize of the evening will go to the chapter with the best score in the JCI Cards Against Humanity game. The second prize will go to the best pancake voted by all participants. 


How to register 🌞

Accept the event and send your name, chapter, member status to Julie -



Looking forward to see you at the International Multi- Twinning Event 2021! 🌍

Please share the picture and the program. And do not hesitate to tell me if I forgot someone.


JCI Montpellier